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Maximum Performance Testing of Popular Toilet Models (Full Report)

November 2006 

Virtually all toilets on the market meet minimum standards set forth by the Canadian Standards Agency and the American National Standards Institute for flush volume and performance. What is less known is how these toilets meet consumer expectations. Therefore, a group of Canadian and American organizations commissioned this study to measure the toilet performance of 285 popular models.

This report summarizes the results of testing the amount of solid waste (using soybean paste test media) removed in a single flush. The testing protocol is described, and a table of results is sorted by manufacturer and by performance level. This 8th edition is the third edition which includes a testing medium and protocol that is different from the 1st through 5th editions.

Prepared for: Various Canadian and American Partners
Prepared by: Veritec Consulting, Inc., and Koeller and Company

31 Pages