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Green the Mainstream: Green Certified Home, Remodels, Developments & Green Approved Products. Part of the NAHB Research Center's National Green Building Certification Program.

The NAHB Research Center, an accredited third-party testing and certification agency, runs the National Green Building Certification Program. At the program’s core is the National Green Building Standard™, the only consensus-based, ANSI-approved national green standard for residential construction. The Research Center trains and accredits green verifiers across the country to conduct verification on new construction, remodeling projects, and residential land developments that wish to become Green Certified by the Research Center. Another service under the program is the Research Center's Green Approved Products, which are products that have been pre-approved by the Research Center as eligible for specific points toward certification to the Standard.


Score your project to the National Green Building Standard

The Standard has a lot of inter-dependent logic to ensure that there's no "double-dipping" on points across categories, as well as a number of mandatory points and point minimums to achieve certification levels. The Online Scoring Tool is helpful for those new to the Standard; the NGBS Scoring for New Construction spreadsheet is an alternative scoring option for those more familiar with the Standard's requirements. Scoring your project is the first step toward National Green Building Certification.

Find an accredited verifier

The NAHB Research Center trains, tests, and accredits individuals across the country to perform verification services for the certification program, and all currently accredited verifiers are on this list. You must work with a Research Center-accredited verifier if you are seeking National Green Building Certification for your project. Don’t risk your certification – be sure your verifier is listed.

Select Green Approved Products

Don't wonder if your green verifier will agree that you should get the points you're claiming – know it. Specify Green Approved Products in your next project.

Check out our Technology Inventory

The Technology Inventory on this site provides information on a number of new or innovative technologies that have been proven to improve the affordability, efficiency, and/or environmental performance of homes. Listings also include details on what to consider before you make the switch from your current product or system. You might find something that’s a perfect fit for the homes you build.

Market your program participation

The Research Center has created several fact sheets, brochures, and presentations to help you educate your consumers on green building, National Green Building Certification, and the National Green Building Standard.


Find Your Green Home

There are plenty of home builders who claim to build green; those who are actively participating in the National Green Building Certification Program have third-party proof that they do. Search for builders & remodelers with certified houses, and multifamily buildings or housing developments that have been certified green.

Browse Green Certified homes

NAHB Research Center Green Certified homes come in all shapes, sizes, and styles and can provide a lot of benefits and savings to their occupants. You might find your next home or builder in this photo gallery.

Product Manufacturers:

Get your products Green Approved

Make sure your products are in front of builders serious about National Green Building Certification. Get your products Green Approved today.

Check out our other testing & certification services

The NAHB Research Center is a full-service, integrated testing and consulting firm for the home building industry. Find out more about the types of product and system testing and certification we can do for your company.