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Insulation Alternatives: Non-Fiberglass Batts

Non-fiberglass batts made of cotton, sheep's wool, and rock or slag wool

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General Listing
Fibrex Insulations, Inc.
POB 2079
Sarnia ON N7T 7L4
(519) 336-7770
Web Site

Good Shepherd Wool Insulation
Rocky Mountain House AB T4T 2A3
(403) 845-6705
Web Site

PO Box 226
Newton NC 28658
(828) 466-1147
Web Site

Rock Wool Manufacturing Company
POB 506
Leeds AL 35094-0506
(800) 874-7625
Web Site

Roxul, Inc.
551 Harrop Drive
Milton ON L9T 3H3
(800) 265-6878
Web Site

Bonded Logic, Inc.
411 East Ray Road
Chandler AZ 85225
(480) 812-9114
Web Site

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