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Recycled Content Carpet

Said to be more resilient and colorfast than virgin fiber carpet

Approximately five billion pounds of carpet are replaced each year in the U.S. Much of the old carpet, along with plastic soda bottles and other textiles, can be woven into new carpet fibers. Recycled content carpet has a similar look, feel, and price as virgin fiber (typically polyester, nylon, and olefin) carpet, but takes advantage of post-consumer recycled materials.

Recycled carpet can be made from recycled polyethelene terephthalate (PET) or from recovered textile fibers. PET plastic is usually found in plastic soda bottles. About 40 two-liter soda bottles are recycled per square yard of carpeting. The backing used for recycled content carpet is the same as traditional carpets.

Recycled content carpet fiber is said to be more resilient and colorfast than virgin fiber carpet. Recycled carpet usually comes with the same warranties for colorfastness, static control, and resistance to stain, crushing, and matting as virgin synthetic fiber carpets.

Environmental Performance

By eliminating or reducing the amount of virgin materials used in production, and by making use of existing materials in its manufacture, recycled content carpet contributes to the efficient use of resources.


Recycled content carpet is readily available. However, not all dealers may carry or be familiar with the product.

Recycled content carpet may not be available in as many colors and styles as conventional carpet.

Not Applicable

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Not Applicable

Recycled content carpet is installed in the same manner as conventional carpet

Warranties generally cover wear and static. Lifetime warranties are available

The use of recycled content in carpets reduces solid waste. The manufacturing process has lower emissions than traditional carpet manufacturing. The end product is resilient and color-fast.

The price for recycled content carpet is comparable to conventional, virgin-fiber carpet.

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