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You can increase the value of your next remodeling project by including energy efficiency improvements. Learn how with Energy Efficiency Improvements for Remodeling Projects.

Technologies for interior floors, including flooring from renewable resources like bamboo, cork, and eucalyptus, decorative concrete finishes, recycled content carpet, radiant floor heating, and more.

Innovative Products & Processes - Technology Inventory [Back to Top]

Consider using the products below to take advantage of their potential to provide one or more of the following in the homes you build: Affordability, Energy Efficiency, Quality & Durability, Environmental Performance, and Safety.

Concrete Floor Finishes
New Generation OSB Sub-flooring
Radiant Floor Heating - Dry System Hydronic
Recycled Content Carpet
Recycled Wood Flooring
Trimmable Open Web Floor Truss
Wood Flooring From Rapidly-Renewable Species

Design & Construction Guides [Back to Top]

Guides for designing and building various types of construction

Builders' Guide to Residential Steel Floors
Concrete Floor Finishes - ToolBase TechSpecs
Innovative Residential Floor Construction: Horizontal Diaphragm Values for Cold-Formed Steel Framing
The Rehab Guide, Volume 5: Partitions, Ceilings, Floors and Stairs
Performance Reports & Case Studies [Back to Top]

Evaluation of how products and systems perform in real life applications

Economical ICF to Cold-Formed Steel Floor Connections This project identified and tested two fastening methods in the interest of optimizing economical connections of cold-formed steel floor systems to Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) walls.
Innovative Residential Floor Construction: Structural Evaluation of Steel Joists with Pre-Formed Web Openings Cold-formed steel framing (CFS) is particularly suitable for residential floor systems, because thermal issues are minimal and most floors are currently constructed of more expensive, older growth lumber to meet the loading requirements.
Investigation of Carpet Soiling in Selected Homes Over the past few years there has been an increasing number of reports of carpet soiling in recently constructed homes. Two homes were chosen to begin to look at potential methods of either prevention or mitigation of the carpet-soiling problem. Cleaning methods evaluated to identify a solution that builders could use for immediate problems, and air sealing was tested as a mitigation/prevention method.
Light-Frame Wall and Floor Systems Analysis and Performance This report provides analysis of light-frame wood structures, with emphasis on floor and wall systems.
TechPractices: EcoVillage at Ithaca, Ithaca, NY By using an inventive arrangement of distribution systems, homes can be designed and constructed to generate low energy bills but maintain high indoor air quality.
TechPractices: Medallion Homes, San Antonio, TX Medallion Homes, a San Antonio home building company, is committed to constructing energy-efficient and environmentally friendly homes at an affordable price.
TechPractices: NEDCO, Field of Dreams, Eugene, OR The Field of Dreams residential community, completed in Eugene, Oregon, combines ingenuity at several levels of project delivery.
TechPractices: Nicholas Lane Contractors, Anaheim, CA Nicholas Lane Contractors (NLC) is a production residential and commercial framing company in southern California that specializes in both wood and steel framing.

Field Evaluations [Back to Top]

Evaluation of how products and systems perform in real life applications

Farnham Construction
Franklin Homes - The Vistas at Kensington Park
Habitat for Humanity - Schenectady
Habitat for Humanity - Arundel
Hopke Buildings & Grounds
K. Hovnanian Inc.
Weingarten House

Questions & Answers [Back to Top]

Frequently asked questions, answered by home building professionals

Can fibers replace wire mesh or welded wire fabric in a concrete slab on ground?
How do I design for moisture sensitive floor coverings?
How is white cement different and why is it used in decorative concrete?
On what basis is air content for concrete specified?
Should ceramic tile adhered to concrete slabs be removed after flooding to avoid potential mold problems?
What causes white carpet to have discoloration at the door threshold or any other area?
What construction practices can affect the air content of concrete?
What is an acceptable deviation tolerance of levelness of a floor?
What is the bearing of a wood floor joist? If a span table says you can span a Hem-fir #2, 2x10 15'-2", do you reference this back as the clear span without bearing or do you use two inches of bearing on each side, only spanning 14'-10"?

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