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You can increase the value of your next remodeling project by including energy efficiency improvements. Learn how with Energy Efficiency Improvements for Remodeling Projects.

Steel framing is popular in regions prone to natural disasters and termites. Learn more about getting started with steel framing, selection of tools and fasteners, finding suppliers & framers, & more.

Innovative Products & Processes - Technology Inventory [Back to Top]

Consider using the products below to take advantage of their potential to provide one or more of the following in the homes you build: Affordability, Energy Efficiency, Quality & Durability, Environmental Performance, and Safety.

Steel Foundation Systems
Steel Framing
Steel Framing Connections - Clinches, Rivets & Pin Nails
Steel L-Headers
Steel-Framed Modular Housing

Design & Construction Guides [Back to Top]

Guides for designing and building various types of construction

Builders' Guide to Residential Steel Floors
Builders' Steel Stud Guide
Cold-Formed Steel Framing - ToolBase TechSpecs
Designing Homes using Cold-Formed Steel Framing
Fasteners for Residential Steel Framing
Hybrid Wood and Steel Details–Builder's Guide
Innovative Residential Floor Construction: Horizontal Diaphragm Values for Cold-Formed Steel Framing
L-Shaped Header Field Guide
Prescriptive Method for Connecting Cold-Formed Steel Framing to Insulating Concrete Form Walls in Residential Construction
Residential Steel Beam and Column Load/Span Tables
Residential Steel Framing: Builder's Guide to Fire and Acoustic Details
Steel Framing Fact Sheet: Insulating Steel-Framed Homes
Steel Framing Fact Sheet: Tools and Fasteners
Thermal Design Guide for Exterior Walls
Universal Designator System for Light Gauge Steel Framing Members, NB5-98
Performance Reports & Case Studies [Back to Top]

Evaluation of how products and systems perform in real life applications

Cold-Formed Steel Back-To-Back Header Assembly Tests These tests investigated the structural capacity and performance of built-up header assembly configurations typically used in cold-formed steel framing.
Combined Axial and Bending Load Tests of Fully-Sheathed Cold-Formed Steel Wall Assemblies The purpose of this test program was to investigate the structural capacity and performance of fully-sheathed load bearing walls of cold-formed steel framing.
Economical ICF to Cold-Formed Steel Floor Connections This project identified and tested two fastening methods in the interest of optimizing economical connections of cold-formed steel floor systems to Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) walls.
Innovative Residential Floor Construction: Structural Evaluation of Steel Joists with Pre-Formed Web Openings Cold-formed steel framing (CFS) is particularly suitable for residential floor systems, because thermal issues are minimal and most floors are currently constructed of more expensive, older growth lumber to meet the loading requirements.
Monotonic Tests of Cold-Formed Steel Shear Walls with Openings This document presents the results of monotonic tests of 40-foot long cold-formed steel shear walls with openings
Steel Framing Prototype Development: Final Report The research effort described in this report explores the potential of steel framing for the construction of factory built homes that conform to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) code, or the International Residential Code (IRC), with the goal of developing technologies that are competitive with wood framing.
Steel vs. Wood Cost Comparison: Beaufort Demonstration Homes This report evaluates a cost comparison of steel vs. wood framing in two demonstration homes in Beaufort, South Carolina.
Steel vs. Wood: Cost and Short Term Energy Comparison - Valparaiso Demonstration Homes Study evaluated the cost and short-term energy comparison of steel and wood construction in the Valparaiso demonstration homes.
TechPractices: Baycliffs, Johnson's Island, Lake Erie, OH How can you keep homes comfortable and economical when the thermometer can plunge to -10º F in the winter and soar to100º F in the summer? The developer of the planned 375-unit development solves the problem using a steel/rigid insulation panelized system with airtight, superinsulated walls, conditioned by a highly efficient geothermal heat pump drilled into rock.
TechPractices: Nicholas Lane Contractors, Anaheim, CA Nicholas Lane Contractors (NLC) is a production residential and commercial framing company in southern California that specializes in both wood and steel framing.
TechPractices: West of Pennsylvania, Brooklyn, NY West of Pennsylvania and Spring Creek are the two neighborhoods targeted by East Brooklyn Congregations (EBC) to contain the next phase of the Nehemiah Homes Plan, which has already built more than 2,300 homes in Brooklyn.

Field Evaluations [Back to Top]

Evaluation of how products and systems perform in real life applications

Attextor Corporation
Hopke Buildings & Grounds
K. Hovnanian Inc.

Questions & Answers [Back to Top]

Frequently asked questions, answered by home building professionals

Are there any computer programs that I can purchase to design cold-formed steel framing?
As a code official, where can I get trained on the design and inspection of steel homes? Are there any inspection checklists that I can use?
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How can I estimate the cost of steel framing for my house?
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How does the cost of steel framing compare to wood framing?
I intend to add a second story on my house and reconstruct the new roof with steel. Can I co-mingle wood and metal construction?
Is it easy to learn how to use steel instead of wood for residential construction?
Is it easy to learn how to use steel instead of wood?
What is the best way to insulate steel-framed homes? How much insulation do I need and what kind?
What size studs should be used for steel framing members in a remodeling project?
Where can I get trained to begin framing with steel?

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