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You can increase the value of your next remodeling project by including energy efficiency improvements. Learn how with Energy Efficiency Improvements for Remodeling Projects.

Site work is the placement of products, materials, utilities and accessories that go into the land around the house, or on the site that the house is built on. Natural filtration occurs when permeable pavement can be used for driveways or walkways, while xeriscapes offer a viable alternative for attractive exterior space planning without consuming dwindling water resources.

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Safety Barrier Guidelines for Home Pools
The Rehab Guide, Volume 9: Site Work
Xeriscaping - ToolBase TechSpecs
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There is a crack in the new concrete driveway we built. The width of the crack is less than 1/16-inch, but the length is across the driveway. Is this normal?
Where can I find information about cluster development and other development methods?

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