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You can increase the value of your next remodeling project by including energy efficiency improvements. Learn how with Energy Efficiency Improvements for Remodeling Projects.

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Run your business more effeciently. These articles, tools, best practices and technologies help builders and contractors cut costs, provide quality products, satisfy their customers, expand their services and horizons.

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General recommendations and accepted practices

100% Complete - The Zero-Defect Home
A Sense of Mission
Ask the Right Questions on Your Customer Surveys
Back to Quality Assurance Basics with ISO 9000
Beyond Customer Satisfaction
Breaking Through to the Next Level of Quality Management
Builder Will Fix Problems 10 Years After House Built
Building It Right the First Time
Champion for the Field Superintendent
Construction Technologies on the Web: Finding the Best Sources (2007 IBS Presentation)
Continuous Improvement for Small Volume Builders
Continuous Improvement in Warranty Service
Continuous Improvement on the Jobsite
Crunching Build Schedules
Customer Loyalty - The Real Payoff
Customer Satisfaction Bonuses
Customer Surveys for Quality Improvement
Cycle Time Reduction - What is a Day Worth?
Develop Trade Contractors into Quality and Safety Partners
Educating the Home Buyer
Electronic Permitting Systems and How to Implement Them
Even Flow Production
Future Visions
Getting Started with Trade Contractor Satisfaction Surveys
Good News for Quality Homebuilders
Help Your Customers Deal With Winter Weather
Helping Your Buyers Understand Mold During the Building Process
Hot Spot Inspections
Hurricane Preparedness for Builders
Inspecting Inspections of Inspections
Inspection Checklist for Trade Contractors
Integrating Quality and Safety Programs
Job Descriptions for Construction Executives
Key Drivers for Successful Homebuilders
Leadership for Construction Quality
Lean Construction
Making Energy Efficiency Visible to Homebuyers
Making the Quality Connection: Improving the Building Industry Insurance Situation through Quality Assurance Programs
Mass Custom Builders: Redefining Customer Options
Measuring and Rewarding Trade Contractor Performance
Model Quality Plan for Use of Drainage-Type Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) on One- and Two-Family Dwellings
Moving to the Next Level of Profitability
National Housing Quality Program
New Horizons for Quality
New Horizons for Services to Satisfied Homeowners
NHQ Agenda for Performance Excellence
Pay Systems for Quality Performance
People, Your Competitive Weapon
Project Management Options: Opportunities to Refine Operations and Maximize Profit
Put Processes in Place to Reduce Your Punch Lists
Quality Enabled E-Homesales
Quality Improvement of Business Processes
Quality Partnering with Product Manufacturers
Quality Performance Measures
Quality Systems for a Defendable Position
Setting Your Quality Goals
Shorten Build Time with Cell Teams
Six Quality Methods for Award Winning Performance
Sustaining a Competitive Advantage
Take a Bite Out of Job Site Crime
The Benefits of Satisfied Customers
The Bottom Line on Quality
The Devil is in the Details
The Home Automation Question: To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade?
The Quality Process
Three Keys to Customer Satisfaction
Top 5 Ways to Sell Innovation
Total Quality Self Assessment Survey
Trade Contractor Partnerships for Small Volume Builders
Trade Contractor Partnerships: The Builder's Construction Department of the Future
Trade Contractor Quality Control
Trade Contractor Quality Control - Reaching the Next Level
Transformation of the Construction Superintendent
What is Next After Even Flow

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Frequently asked questions, answered by home building professionals

As a mid-sized custom home builder, where can I find wage information for construction professionals?
Can you help me find a good remodeling contractor in my area?
Does the Census Bureau have any housing related reports from the 2000 Census?
How can I get information regarding the number of new housing permits in my state?
How do I find a remodeler or contractor who knows how to make modifications to improve the accessibility of my home?
How much does the average family room addition cost?
How should I go about improving my business once I have identified efficiency shortcomings?
I am currently building a small rental project with about 150 rental units. I am trying to obtain software to help me manage the leases, tenants, and maybe accounting. What recommendations could you provide?
I want to manage the critical path of construction and I need to know all of my costs to do that. How should I determine the cost of money once a house is under construction on my lot?
In addition to new housing permits, what information is available from the U.S. Census Bureau?
What estimating software for residential construction is available?
What types of remodeling jobs result in the highest resale value?
Where can I find current lumber prices?
Where can I find data for the residential new housing market?
Where can I find data on the current sales prices of existing homes?
Where can I find residential construction statistics on the U.S. Census Bureau’s website?
Where can I find statistics on new construction activity? I am especially interested in shipments of new manufactured homes.
Where can I find statistics on the remodeling industry?
Where can I find the average price of a kitchen remodel project and the impact the project has on the value of the home?
Where do I go for information on the amenities and features homebuyers want?

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