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Information on construction waste management in the homebuilding industry, including materials recycling and reuse.

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General recommendations and accepted practices

Construction Waste Management
Residential Construction Waste Management: A Builder's Field Guide
Residential Construction Waste: From Disposal to Management

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Evaluation of how products and systems perform in real life applications

Advanced Framing: An Examination of its Practical Use in Residential Construction The case study highlights the advantages of and barriers to widespread adoption of OVE practices.
Potential Environmental Risks of Onsite Beneficial Reuse of Ground Engineered Wood Wastes from Residential Construction Wood waste from residential construction is a substantial part of construction and demolition waste. Ground mulch from this material could be useful onsite as a mulch, for erosion control, or as a substrate for heavy use areas. The Georgia Environmental Protection Division’s Commercial and Solid Waste Department is interested in allowing beneficial reuse of the mulched wood waste onsite, but had reservations about the use of engineered wood products, such as oriented strand board, due to the presence of adhesives.
Residential Construction Waste Management Demonstration and Evaluation This report describes results of an EPA funded study by the NAHB Research Center to develop waste management strategies. Includes analysis of several sites to determine the amount and type of wastes.

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Frequently asked questions, answered by home building professionals

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What types of home construction materials can be recycled?
Where can I find information on material waste densities?

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