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You can increase the value of your next remodeling project by including energy efficiency improvements. Learn how with Energy Efficiency Improvements for Remodeling Projects.

Information about failures and failure prevention in homebuilding. Topics include design, installation & construction failures; failure prevention/best practices; wall/carpet discoloration; and product failures.

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Consider using the products below to take advantage of their potential to provide one or more of the following in the homes you build: Affordability, Energy Efficiency, Quality & Durability, Environmental Performance, and Safety.

Hurricane Resistant Façade Panels
Rain Screen Exterior Walls

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Guides for designing and building various types of construction

Moisture Protection of Wood Sheathing
Best Practices [Back to Top]

General recommendations and accepted practices

Before You Install Exterior Wood-Based Siding
Brick Veneer Flashing Requirements
Carpet and Wall Discoloration: Suspected Causes, Prevention, and Clean-up
Finishes for Butcher Blocks, Countertops, and Wooden Utensils
Mathematical Analysis of Practices to Control Moisture in the Roof Cavities of Manufactured Houses
Mold and Mildew on Wood: Causes and Treatment
Protecting Wood From Humidity
Shrinkage in Fiberboard Interior Trim Caused by Pre-installation Moisture
Termite Protection for Exterior Insulated Foundation Systems
Test for Wood Decay
Water Repellents and Water-Repellent Preservatives for Wood
Wire Slab Reinforcement
Wood Exposed Outdoors
Wood Shakes and Shingles: Tips for Longer Life

Performance Reports & Case Studies [Back to Top]

Evaluation of how products and systems perform in real life applications

Assessment of Damage to Homes Caused By Hurricane Opal In 1995 Hurricane Opal struck the Gulf of Florida in a fairly populated area. In an effort to improve the quality of housing, the building industry recognized the need to evaluate actual performance of residential construction during hurricanes. This report presents the study and its findings and offers recommnedations for improving building practices where appropriate.
Investigation of Carpet Soiling in Selected Homes Over the past few years there has been an increasing number of reports of carpet soiling in recently constructed homes. Two homes were chosen to begin to look at potential methods of either prevention or mitigation of the carpet-soiling problem. Cleaning methods evaluated to identify a solution that builders could use for immediate problems, and air sealing was tested as a mitigation/prevention method.
Preliminary Study of Pollutants in Two Unoccupied New Homes This study was conducted to gain further understanding of pollutant types, indoor air quality (IAQ) and strengths attributable to building products and materials.

Questions & Answers [Back to Top]

Frequently asked questions, answered by home building professionals

A house that was built a number of years ago has a problem with the engineered wood siding. Is there any warranty from the siding manufacturer?
Do electrical switches, connections, receptacles, and wiring need to be replaced after flooding?
Have there been any problems reported with plastic vent pipes?
I have heard that fluorescent lights should only be used when the temperature is above 45°F. Secondly, I’ve heard that fluorescent lights shouldn't be turned off if they are going to be turned back on within two hours. Could you confirm whether these two ideas are factual or not?
I have heard that pressure-treated lumber can corrode nails. How can I find adequate connectors for a new deck?
There seems to be a problem with leaking copper pipes that are underground in our area. Is it safe to install copper pipes in our new project?
We built a townhouse in the 1980s using FRT plywood for roof sheathing—is there any recourse for me?
What appears to be particle board or something similar is warping and deteriorating my siding. How can I determine who the manufacturer is and what can I do to get the siding fixed?
What can I do to mitigate the premature paint failure and warping of the wood on the siding of my home?
What causes white carpet to have discoloration at the door threshold or any other area?
What should I focus on during construction of walls in my home to eliminate the entrance of moisture?

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