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Kitchen Recycling Center

Kitchen recycling centers are modified kitchen cabinets that neatly conceal recycling bins.

Photo of color-coded kitchen recycling center.

Keeping all those recyclables in your kitchen can be messy and take up too much space; but we all know how important recycling is for us and the environment. You can recycle without compromising your kitchen design and space. Organize your recycling with a compact kitchen recycling center.

Kitchen recycling centers are modified kitchen cabinets that neatly conceal recycling bins. The recycling centers come pre-assembled in a cabinet and in cabinet retrofit kits. One type, similar to the lazy susan, has three separate bins that rotate in a corner cabinet. Another type fits in a regular cabinet with a regular cabinet door and rolls straight in and out like a drawer. The units can have one or more containers and come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. The recycling bins inside are often made of post-consumer plastic and the basket that holds the bins are usually wire or plastic. The cabinets are made out of any material used for a cabinet and can accommodate any kitchen style and cabinet size.

Environmental Performance

By creating a simple and organized place for homeowners to recycle, it is more likely that they will recycle (and properly segregate recyclables). In addition, in-home recycling centers reduce the opening and closing of exterior doors for the sole purpose of disposing of recyclables.


Cabinets with built-in recycling centers cost slightly more than regular cabinets.

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Model reMODEL: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Kitchen recycling centers can be installed by the do-it-yourselfer or by cabinet installers. A frame support and slide guides are positioned inside a regular cabinet-like a dresser drawer. A basket, often made out of wire shelving material, is constructed to support the recycling bins.

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Kitchen recycling centers take up less space than conventional bins. They are completely hidden from view, yet easy to access. Child safety devices can be added to the cabinet that holds the recycling center.

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